The Paralytic In-Between

A few months ago I began using the phrase ‘The Paralytic In-between’ to describe how I was viewing my life. I did not really know what I meant by it but I was using the phrase with such regularity that I thought it qualified for some investigating. What was this Paralytic In-between that I spoke [...]

Review: No Sweat at The Pleasance Theatre

On the 4th of February I went to see No Sweat at The Pleasance Theatre. No Sweat follows the intertwined stories of three gay men, Tristan (Denholm Spurr), Charlie (Manish Ghandi) and Alf (James Haymer) who although from disparate beginnings are all searching for their own sanctuary as they battle with their queer identities and [...]

Review/ Encounter: Eirini Kartaski and Tasos Stamou, IN A WAY SO BRUTAL

A few days before I went to see Eirini Kartsaki and Tasos Stamou's performance IN A WAY SO BRUTAL I’d been having sex. It was hot, it was sweaty, it was messy in all the best ways. It hadn’t been planned and contrary to much evidence I have collated over many one night stands, was [...]

Review/ Musing: Pecsmas by Pecs Drag Kings at The Yard Theatre

On Thursday 19th December I kicked off my Christmas festivities with a wham, bang, thank you… George Micheal? with Pecsmas by Pecs Drag Kings at The Yard Theatre. This show was comprised of 4 of the 10 Pecs Kings: John Travulva (Jodie Mitchell), Thrustin Limbersnake (Lauren Steele), Scott Free (Rosie Skan) and Loose Willis (Katy [...]

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